Glycolic 10 Cream

After skin has adjusted to several months of glycolic 5% cream, patients may want to advance to the 10% concentration for maximum benefits.

This physician strength glycolic cream has 2 to 3 times higher levels of ultra pure glycolic acid to accelerate removal of dead skin cells, revealing fresh, new skin.

MirSkin Glycolic acid can microscopically penetrate into skin, activating new formation of collagen to reduce wrinkles on the skins surface, and increasing the rate at which new, younger cells reach the skin surface. It stimulates and smoothes skin, resulting in improved skin texture and clarity. The final result is a reduction in the look of fine lines or wrinkles, fading of scars, clearing and brightening of the complexion and skin tone.

In addition to glycolic, this hydrating cream delivers advanced moisturization via phospholipids and liposomes. The elegant formulation also contains vitamins A, C, E and green tea extract for the ultimate in skin repair, while leaving skin soft and baby smooth.