5/2 Pads

Unique to MirSkin are the 5/2 pads which combine two clinically proven medications: 5% glycolic acid, along with the pore penetrating agent 2% salicylic acid. The MirSkin pads exfoliate, tone and deeply clean pores as well as reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. All skin types will benefit from its exfoliative and skin renewal properties. MirSkin 5/2 pads penetrate into skin, causing new formation of collagen to reduce wrinkles on the skin as well as increase the rate at which new, younger cells reach the skin surface. This product is also extremely effective for treating and dissolving blackheads and breakouts. Finally, 5/2 pads are also the perfect first step in preparing your skin to accept other topical MirSkin Products.

60 pads per container