Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty In Midtown Manhattan with Dr. Tabasum Mir

Lifting Saggy Skin Around the Eyes Without Going Under, With Dr. Tabasum Mir


Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty With Dr. Tabasum Mir

The skin around the eyes is extremely vulnerable to the natural sagging and loosening of skin as we age, making it one of the biggest concerns for most people looking to retain their youthful, tight look. And until now, the only way to recover this tightness permanently was with surgical procedures that required cutting away the skin around the eyes, which can be a frightening and painful experience.

But lifting the skin around your eyes no longer needs invasive surgery and tons of downtime. With Dr. Tabasum Mir’s unique and one of a kind non-surgical blepharoplasty laser pen treatment, patients can experience a non-invasive skin tightening experience like no other. With the use of the non invasive technologies and innovative techniques, patients will see skin around their upper and lower eyelids become tighter and firmer over several treatments, creating results that can last for up to two years.


Dr. Mir: Revolutionary, Non-Invasive, Exclusive Care

Dr. Tabasum Mir: revolutionary, meticulous, and artisanal, combining technical expertise with advanced medical cosmetic dermatology knowledge. Dr. Mir is the leading cosmetic surgeon in a number of cutting edge surgical and non-surgical treatments, and provides only the highest level of care to her patients who come from around the world.

Dr. Mir is a trusted expert and innovator in non-surgical blepharoplasty and other medical cosmetic services, and is widely known for the consistency of her results and her personalized solutions for every patient who walks through her doors. Contact our team at MirSkin Aesthetic to learn more about non-surgical blepharoplasty today, and give your skin the world-class treatment it deserves.


  • Personalized Care
    Dr. Mir provides personalized solutions for every patient, ensuring that you receive the best treatment for your face or body.
  • Renowned Expert
    Dr. Mir has been featured by some of the biggest outlets in the industry and is known around the world for her unique techniques and innovative solutions.
  • Innovative Expertise
    With over 17 years of experience working with thousands of patients, Dr. Mir has done and seen it all. Only with this experience can she truly provide innovative solutions that push what is possible for her patients.


NonSurgical Blepharoplasty is a Eye Lift that alternative to a Surgical BLEPHAROPLASTY Done with a NonSurgical Blepharoplasty Pen Laser

It is a permanent solution and results are seen in as little as 1 treatment for most people. 

My Non-Surgical Eye Lift is used to 

  • Lift and tighten upper eyelid skin
  • Lift  droopy or hooded upper eyelid skin 
  • Tighten loose skin of the lower lid 
  • Smooth and soften deep crows feet or wrinkles around the eyes 

Results are seen immediately but become better over the 1-2 weeks after the treatment. 

The procedure is done with NonSurgical Blepharoplasty Pen- The laser pen tip never touches the skin. but rather as the tip hovers over the skin the current mixes with the natural gases in the air. Dr Mir  chooses the pattern of laser to give you optimal lifting. Dr Mir also mixes this dot technique  with a spray technique to give maximal lifting and tightening to the skin.

Once the carbon dots  naturally falls off, the skin will be tighter and firmer.

Results are seen immediately after treatment and continue to improve in the first two weeks while the skin heals. After that, there is a further improvement with gradual regeneration of the skin.

We can also do this treatment  in conjunction with a non surgical brow lift, PDO threads, Fillers  or just on its own to help tighten loose upper or lower lid skin smooth crows feet.


What To Expect: Your Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty Experience With Dr. Mir  

Before the Treatment

Patients are recommended not to undergo non-surgical blepharoplasty if they are experiencing minor sunburns, rash, inflammations, or any other skin condition that may affect the treatment. Also avoid aspirin for 2 weeks prior to the treatment.

Depending on your skin type, Dr. Mir may advise you to stop topical skincare products two to four weeks before the procedure, especially products with active ingredients such as retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, and beta hydroxy acids. And Depending on your skin type a topical tyrosinase inhibitor may be recommended 2-4 weeks prior to your appointment

During the Treatment

Dr. Mir will cleanse your skin before the procedure. To prep she use a topical anesthesia for 30 minutes prior  to make the designated area numb. During the procedure additional numbing is administered making the process virtually pain free. Afterwards, Dr. Mir will create a lifting pattern to give you maximal lift and tightening. 


Lifting Saggy Skin Around the Eyes Without Going Under, With Dr. Tabasum Mir


After the Treatment

You will be sent home with our post procedure creams, Use them 2 times a  day. Keep the treated area dry. NO make up until the scabs heal. And Protect your eyes from sun and heat exposure. Some scabbing is to be expected; do not force the scabs off by peeling them. Downtime is generally 5-7 days,  Expect some swelling. 


How long will the results of a non-surgical blepharoplasty last?

The results of a non-surgical blepharoplasty  are permanent, however your skin will continue to age and you may need additional treatments over the years as your skin ages naturally. 

How many treatments are needed for optimal results?

Anywhere from 1-3 treatments are needed depending on your initial skin laxity. If additional treatments are needed, they are done 6-8 weeks apart 

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