MirSkin Aesthetic:  
Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Dr. Mir’s patients?

Men and women of any age are welcome for cosmetic solutions at MirSkin Aesthetic. Whether it’s your first aesthetic procedure or you’re a veteran of cosmetic surgeries and treatments, Dr. Mir can help you. She will explain the best cosmetic solutions for your goals and help you understand every step involved with your experience with Dr. Mir.

What is the initial appointment like?

The first step in your beauty journey begins with a virtual or in-person consultation with our highly-trained medical consultants, available in both Spanish and English, as well as a possible consultation with Dr. Mir herself. You may ask about pricing, our procedures and treatments, and we will help you determine your goals and discuss the best aesthetic treatment or programs best suited for you.

Do you offer any payment plans?

We offer the option for all patients to deposit down payments in advance of their procedures. We also offer payment plans, please ask us for details. Otherwise , Payments are due in full on the day of the procedure.