Chemical Peels In Midtown Manhattan with Dr. Tabasum Mir

Give Your Face the Fresh Restart You Deserve With Chemical Peels From Dr. Tabasum Mir


Chemical Peels With Dr. Tabasum Mir

Peel away your damaged, aged skin and reveal the brighter you underneath with the most effective chemical peels in New York with Dr. Tabasum Mir. No matter how well you treat your face, signs of aging and damage are unavoidable over time. Wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, melasma, sun damage, uneven skin tone, signs of hyperpigmentation and more: all of these imperfections combine to worsen your natural appearance.

Based on top research in plastic surgery and dermatological journals, Dr Mir has created an extensive arsenal of her own medical chemical peels. These professional peels are uniquely custom designed to target multiple complexion problems on any skin type or ethnicity. The peels slowly dissolve the damaged layers of skin while stimulating collagen formation. 

Depending on the type and strength of the peel and the time it is left in contact with the skin (as controlled by Dr. Mir), this even shedding of several layers of the skin creates a fresh, new appearance. Additionally, it can solve a multitude of skin complexion problems. Chemical Peels are not limited to the face, and can be performed on the neck, chest, hands, arms, shoulders and legs.

Dr. Tabasum Mir can help you recapture your youth and beauty with customized chemical peel treatments proven to significantly reduce signs of damage and aging. With Dr. Mir, you will undergo a facial transformation that will peel away your old skin and reveal the new you. Contact MirSkin Aesthetic today to learn more about Dr. Mir and her state-of-the-art chemical peel treatments.


Dr. Mir: Revolutionary, Non-Invasive, Exclusive Care

Dr. Tabasum Mir: revolutionary, meticulous, and artisanal, combining technical expertise with advanced medical cosmetic knowledge. Dr. Mir is the leading cosmetic surgeon in a number of cutting edge surgical and non-surgical treatments, and provides only the highest level of care to her patients who come from around the world.

Dr. Mir is a trusted expert and innovator in chemical peels and other medical cosmetic dermatology services, and is widely known for the consistency of her results and her personalized solutions for every client who walks through her doors. Contact our team at MirSkin Aesthetic to learn more about chemical peels today, and give your body the world-class Dr. Mir treatment it deserves.

  • Personalized Care
    Dr. Mir provides personalized solutions for every patient, ensuring that you receive the exact best treatment for your face or body.
  • Renowned Expert
    Dr. Mir has been featured by some of the biggest outlets in the industry and is known around the world for her unique techniques and innovative solutions.
  • Innovative Expertise
    With over 17 years of experience working with thousands of clients, Dr. Mir has done and seen it all. Only with this experience can she truly provide innovative solutions that push what is possible for her patients.

About Chemical Peels at MirSkin Aesthetic

Chemical peels are cosmetic treatments for the face, neck,hands, chest and body , involving the application of chemical solutions to the skin, causing it to exfoliate and peel off. New and smoother skin is revealed underneath, with less skin damage and signs of aging. Chemical peels are the perfect solution for scars, melasma, hyperpigmentation, signs of acne, sun damage, wrinkles and fine lines, uneven skin tone, redness, and other skin conditions.

There are different levels of chemical peels available. These include superficial peels, medium peels, and deep peels, with each level penetrating a deeper layer of the skin. The best chemical peel treatment for you will depend on your condition and aesthetic goals, as well as Dr. Mir’s expert recommendation.

What To Expect: Your Chemical Peel Experience With Dr. Mir

  • Before the Treatment
    Stop applying any skin care products with active ingredients such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and retinoids at least a week before your procedure. Consult with Dr. Mir before your appointment to get a full list of skincare products to avoid before your session.

    Don’t use any self-tanners, masks, facial scrubs, and any exfoliants at least a week before the procedure. Arrive at your appointment with clean, make-up free skin. 
  • During the Treatment
    Dr. Mir will begin by cleaning and disinfecting your skin before applying the chemical peel solution. Patients typically report a slight tingling or stinging sensation on the skin.
  • After the Treatment
    Chemical peels might have some downtime depending on the depth of the peel. Expect some peeling, flaking, and redness for up to a week. Lilf Skin flaking, as a result of the exfoliation, might last up to one week.

    Avoid direct exposure to the sun and extreme heat or cold such as sauna, steam rooms, or cold temperatures, avoid harsh scrubs and cleansers. 


How long is the downtime for chemical peels? 

This depends per patient and what peel is used,  but it generally takes as little as 1to seven days for your face to fully heal from a chemical peel. Your face might flake and continue shedding skin up to two weeks after your appointment. 

How long do the results last? 

Results aren’t permanent because your skin will be continuously exposed to sun and environmental damage, not to mention just aging. Patients typically get to enjoy their smooth, glowing skin for at least 1-3 months or more depending on your skincare routine. 

How often should I get a chemical peel? 

This depends on the depth of your peel. Light peels can be scheduled every month while deeper peels can be spaced four to six months apart. 

Do you always peel after a chemical peel? 

Your face won’t always peel after a chemical peel. In fact, the peeling is just a side-effect and not necessarily the main reason why your skin improves. Peeling happens at the cellular level; your face will still improve without actual peeling. In fact, most patients stop experiencing visible shedding after a few chemical peels. 

Give Your Face the Fresh Restart You Deserve With Chemical Peels From Dr. Tabasum Mir

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Transform your skin at the cellular level to reveal youthful, glowing skin. Dr. Mir sheds away years of stress and damage using unparalleled aesthetic techniques. Work with Midtown Manhattan’s coveted chemical peel expert to unveil the skin you truly deserve. 

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